• "Much More"

    much more from Nise on Vimeo.

    Cinematography: Sebastian Madlener – nise.at
    Rider: Nico Nührig and Ville Hietala

    „Much More“ – 2013, a new kind of movie.
    MUCH MORE was documented first in 2013 and belongs to the group of movies. Till this day this strange movie has no german name. Science discovered the long armed Icone Skateboards and in the second step Sebastian Madlener shot Nico Nührig and Ville Hietala in case of freeriding, downhill skateboarding and some freestyle. Watch their chase through Triest, Warsaw, Prague, Innsbruck, Austria and the Alps.
  • Brendan Adams "Colourful"

    Cinematography: Sebastian Madlener - nise.at
    Directors: Sebastian Madlener, Lukas Hämmerle (lukashaemmerle.com), Christian Grass
    Production: Lukas Hämmerle, Sebastian Madlener
    Make Up: Isa Kohler
    Artist: Brendan Adams - brendan-adams.com
    Actors: Sabina Loacker, Jonas A. Resch, Philipp Mück, Vitus Hämmerle, Brendan Adams
    Assistant: Sebi Geiger, Hannes Säli, Silvy Troy